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>> thank you all for having us here to talk about something we care about. i'm the president of the bay chapter of democrat face. i want to talk harm production it's a pragmatic health policy. some example would be say for sex education shown to be more important for things like unwanted pregnancies or preventing stds. similarly the use of save injection sites it is for the prevention of blood diseases being triumphed. how is this relevant to the admit life community. this is a nonprofit that was
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founded in 1998 by the members of the night life community. we focus on harm production and the night life scene. we see a big issue with hearing production and hearing loss people are being exposed to high levels of sound more than once a week so we'll go to event and have a booth fair and have things like pass out earplugs and what you can do it prevent this going forward >> we also see a big problem with unsafe sex in the night life community because people lack knowledge or means for that. and to that end we provide condoms and we lost see lots of
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issues about over heating and we try to provide free water at venues where waters is not given out. and we found things like information for heatstroke for daytime festivities people don't know they've over heating. we see a huge go issue around sex education and drug use important polls around 50 percent people have done recreational drugs if you include tobacco it goes upward. there's a huge problem and huge opportunity for education around drug use so we provide informational cards on tobacco
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and competentlycy and aid and cocaine and so on. there are cards that are non-bias we try to have a - be - not to be advocates. we don't advocate for use we don't believe in that we don't advocate against non-use because that's not helping. in addition, we try to provide means so that people can take the knowledge that we provide and apply that to that end we provide safer smoert devices for blood path begins and field tests for substances.
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that's a powerful tool across the nation. one of the problems about night life community people are being sold drugs that are not safe. in new york there was at a large festivity several people died due to 0 substances that were a combination of meth lesson and d m a. we can help provide some knowledge of what people are ingesting. i've seen people have things they died not to take and anytime that happens that's potentially an ambulance ride from that at the worse a death. so i see - those are some of the areas of harm reduction we
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can apply in the night you community. we try to minimize that harm >> great is that the end of your presentation. thank you very much. i have a question. so i've been aware of dan sins you've started i was one of the first clubs you approached. my club was townsend back in the day all the things you advocate like water and save sex and the like great we put out condemns. back in that day i didn't expect this you set up a table where they tested for field drugs i have an entertainment permit and
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drugs are illegal. i stood to be put out of business because you have your process so if you want clurgz clubs that have licenses by the nature of their business controlled by the state of california how do you provide services without harming the businesses and making the businesses compliant in our business >> i obviously wasn't in charge of the bay area chapter but at this point we also talk to the promoter and the venue owner before we do on site test. i think that's a concern particularly when they have an alcohol license. we actually have a sort of
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organization that is often working with us the drug alliances is working to very specific legislation put in place that makes it very clear the points of field testing and like the legality involved. i'm not a lawyer so i can't speak to all the legality. we work with venues several like 10 or 15 and beginer bread houses not to do the test without the knowledge of venue owners. we haven't done any that are licensed in san francisco >> i wanted to make sure you realize if i try to field test in a loan premise and they get their license lifted you're putting them out of business. so you should make sure that the
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dance venues remain in business and not jeopardizes them by doing our field test making the venue cup by the. that's the one thing that bugged me. i thought you, you have got to find another way >> one of the ways is to make clear it shouldn't impact the organizations that allow us to sort of deimpress countries like the netherlands and portugal they're done 59 clubs that's mandated like dancers be at clubs for this. i don't see it outside the rage or range of possibility
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>> can people do the tests individually? >> yeah. we actually do sell the kits on line and in person not in clubs obviously but, yeah we have them for sale so people can test their drugs at the club not at the club at best but a number of other organizations have them as well. >> i believe in harm prevention so i used to be a counselor if you do risky sex here's ways to make it less risky. i went to the mountain view and was so impressed by the implementation they had all sorts of water stations and i don't know what they're called
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you community service people that were clearly identifiable are you guys thirsty they asked we need more businesses to take that responsibility to folks like you don't have to go and we can run good clubs >> there's a organization that deals with insomnia in accordance. so you can see i brought all the materials so you can see those >> other - commissioner akers. >> yeah. i was wondering what you guys think of the development of you think it's still in r and d i went it was expected to come out in 2014 that's a straw that can be used to test for drugs in drinks as
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an anti rape prevention. >> i think obviously anything that can help people with information is good. i'm somewhat skeptical. doing a bunch of litter i found around 95 percent of drug rape are alcohol and like valium and their remaining straw tests is for g h b and repeal hip natural it's no longer made in the u.s. and there's a substances a that's not easily available like xanax and valium are.
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>> so you think it's going to have a limb impact. >> i think something that has a better impact around cat rape is the awareness of alcohol consumption. personally, i think those are the two effective ways to prevent date rape like drugs >> commissioner hyde. >> i was wondering about what was on the agenda going forward. as we see states logically up their marijuana and allowing them to sell and international places that have a better policy in general. going forward how do you see dan save maneuvering as things became more legal.
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what are your - are you working with states and legislation to make our testing not responsible for the license he's vocation and stuff like that >> it's not us it's the drug policy through the 0 nonprofit. in terms of where we're going forward. we're trying to increase awareness that harm reduction is necessary and increase awareness of drug education in general among the populace. we released a mobile app that's essentially like a phone version of love our information. we're trying to increase the
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information on the substances. because of - due to the prohibition of common drugs theirs on a arms race to create new drugs like meth doctrine and meth lone were made legal by congress last year but there's an influx of new drugs like a b e and etc., so trying to stay on top of new drugs and to really educate people that we know nothing about those drugs for the most part and, you know, they might have a psych actually effects as a result of mixing them with other drugs
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>> commissioner joseph. >> just one other question you mentioned in your presentation smoking. we the entertainment commission there's no smoking allowed inside of public buildings and very often night clubs have smoking sections and now w you have to be a certain amount of feet away from 9 doors of establishment. how do we reduce smoking or how do businesses deal with the infiltration of smoke coming into the building >> decreasing smoking is a difficult task. the primary reason they've got
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cigarettes that are artifical and their illegal in clubs and businesses and they don't cause second-hand smoke that's one of the primary drivers of not allowing smoking inside. potentially advocating for using e cigarettes is one way to prevent smoking from bag as prominent. i've seen many, many people are switching to e cigarettes now. >> thank you very much. >> any other comments from commissioners. commissioner lee. >> i think the e cigarettes are great but there's leave people in the club that mistake it for
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regular smoking. we've had this problem before we would just for our policy we'd let everybody smoke outside whether it's an e cigarette or not. but if you're circulating the crowd would you follow the policy of what the policies that ask people to go outside. it helps a policy to abide by. when i've had remember the parties and things like that i don't think how you feel about that but we'd search everybody to stop drugs if coming in. we don't do a thorough search we kind of see other people that may have gotten by and maybe
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see, you know, educate or mitigate problems? >> i guess first, we don't specifically tell people to smoke inside or outside that's a question from commissioner joseph. but if that's the pole i recommend people follow. as to the other question obviously venues need to try to be within the law and, you know, 06r789s search people for laughness and that's fine. with respect to us if we see people with drugs after they're inside and telling the venue that's unfortunately would erode trust between us and the patrons. we'll just trying to give people information but if they see us
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as security they're not going to come to us. they'll be suspicious >> obviously we have emts to look at those things. if you can't see it or smell it but ingest it i would see the reaction and help out >> absolutely that's something we try to do. in fact, in the bay area we've been trained i guess you counterfor people on psych activity substances so, yeah in those situations we often work with the emts. i know a bunch of emts that
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co- go to the event and if they're having you can an intense experienced from a reaction of a psych drug we try to be available for those purposes and that's definitely what we're about >> commissioner akers. >> just a clarification. it is the policy of the entertainment commission that those cigarettes are not indoors >> no, that's about. >> it's our policy. >> so when you say we and are he's referring to his club. >> thanks for clarifying. just for the sack of time i don't know if there's other burning questions people want to get ahold of you where do they go >> we're on line at dot
10:51 am it's bay area at we try to be at as many events as possible one at 1:15 actually in san francisco >> how large is your group is it 20 volunteers. >> we have a core group of 6 to 8 people and have a rotating group of 20 so we try to have 4 people anytime we go to a club or 6 to 8 for a festive. >> hopefully someone out there will help your effort. >> any last comments if not - thank you so much for coming here and answering questions we have. i have to take some public
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comment. people have public opinions. any comments about dan's presentation. all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. that were thank you. again. just a few items on the agenda that are standard. number 7 is commissioners, comments or questions. i don't know. i see commissioner joseph and commissioner hyde >> first i'd like us to - we never acted on the approval of the sound for the permits. so we do not have a sound officer right now. how many permits are being held up for a lack of sound test >> i'd like to say there are 4 currently and have that are in the cue very soon. >> so this is december the beginning which december people want to open for new years eve.
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i'd like to i i know it's not on the agenda i'd like to get a consensus from my fellow commissioners that we go ahead and explain to the commissioners we go ahead and and allow those permits and the sound test will come sometime in the future and if they have complaints we have a mechanism to deal with that >> i do need to clarify a motion to allow us to issue those from the commission but - so again, this is obviously our problem with having an inspection on staff. the standard set in the good neighbor policy is a higher standard than the sound test. we checked with the city attorney that we could, in fact,
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issue those from our office await having a d b set in there. the standard in the good neighbor policy says if we can hear it outside it's a violation. we feel safe issuing those permits with those conditions along with others and the value of that sound test is for the venue, in fact, more than anything else. but in lou of that or until we have the staff to do those tests w50e8 we'd appreciate the fact to issue those permits in the good neighbor policy >> so would you need a motion today. >> i think we would need a clarifying motion to do that since it's not norm our policy to do so just for the temp in
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which we know have to do this for lack of a sound inspector. >> those are temporary permits. >> no. >> how - i'm a sound text - house the sound tech search going. >> it has nothing to do with that it is set by human resources for 1742 correct. >> as much as i would have liked to have someone on new years eve i'm crossing my figures for the end of january. >> commissioner akers wasn't here the last time there are some minimum qualifications, you know, everybody is meeting one area but not the other so
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they're still ton the search. >> commissioner campagnoli. >> so those are 6 placements. >> so there's 4 at the momentum that have finished their inspectors or are waiting for a sound test. because it's our fault that to hold them up is not fair and again, we checked with the city attorney we're not breaking any laws it's our standard practice to put a d b number into a sound test to let the venue know whether they're in violation of that or not but in lou of having the person not being available the standard is can i hear it outside or not.
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to be honest that's how the police did it before there was a entertainment commission. they did a have sound officer but he often didn't have a meter so i guess i reiterate that so you feel somewhat comfortable we're not suggesting permits with no sound levels set we're setting a high bar but not holding up the process and we'll be able to bring that down >> so in keeping with that and the fact we have civil certificates to serve the public and if something is our fault i'd like to move that we issue the 6 permits place of entertainment permits until such time as the entertainment commission has a sound officer.
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that's my motion >> there's a motion is there a second. >> second. >> all right. any further discussion about this those are permits we've already heard their pending. >> that's right. >> we've gotten police and fire. >> so the enforcement of the police would be the one to enforce it so they come to you and say we've heard it. >> or the neighbors and. >> and you've you - >> ourself at staff level going and doing testing when we needed to or investigating or some of
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the inspectors have sauftd in the past but, of course, this is not going to put us at risk i don't believe it's pitting the public at risk in any way it's just making there's no number which is what a sound test is helpful for its a permit holder is really assisted in the most part. every other party involved hearing the sound will respond to the same regardless >> has b there ever been a d b set louder than than the sound levels. >> no. >> i'm wondering what the point is to allow them. >> to know what the sound is
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sxaip the venue. >> if base becomes a problem we often ask sound officers will designate a megahertz level for the base or inform the occupant about better sound proofing. things like that. that will come to us when we get the complaints and go ahead and staff is perfectly capable of doing that without the officer but they need the complaint first so the staff will deal with it when it kingdoms >> so there's a motion and second to allow for our staff to go ahead and issue permits pending the hiring of a actual sound

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